Prices for our rooms

In case of direct booking we guarantee a room best price compared to other reservation options in our house. These reservations can be cancelled free of charge 24 hours before arrival. In case of later cancellation, the room rate will be charged and in return you will receive a voucher for 50% of the booking value, redeemable at any time.

Best price guarantee for direct booking up to -20% - fino a 20% Sconto diretto

Prices Villa Ceconi
per room / per night / without breakfast / without local tax


Single room "Grande" 75 - 214 Euro
Double room "Piccolo" 75 - 214 Euro
Double room "Va Bene" 79 - 226 Euro
Triple room "Classico" 113 - 246 Euro
Suite "Comodo" 134 - 285 Euro

The prices are seasonal and are per room and per night, but excluding breakfast.
A rich organic breakfast can be ordered in advance for Euro 20,- per person (children between 0-3 years are free, between 4-8 years we charge 6,00 EUR and between 9-16 years 12,00 EUR) and is offered as a buffet breakfast in the Hotel zur Post.

The local tax/tourism tax of EUR 1,75 per person/night is charged extra.

Upon request, we will prepare an offer that will certainly meet your needs.